Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Adding Google Two Factor Authentication

****Very Important****

When you first setup 2 factor verification up on your BTC-e account, take a screen shot of the QR code that is presented!

You can't get back to that code and if you ever lose your phone, you won't have any way to get into your account without either that QR code or the private keys that are also presented.

More details are presented here:

If you already set up 2 factor authentication but didn't capture the QR code, I'd recommend that you follow step 3 from the blog above to backup the private key in your phone.


Step by step 2 factor authentication on BTC-e:

1.  Log into your account and click "Profile"
2.  Click "Security" on the menu at left.
3.  Click the "Create Key" button.
4. Very important ... take screen shot "<Ctrl>+<Print Screen>" of the resulting QR code and private keys.
5. Print and save a hard copy of QR code and private keys
6. Delete any files on your computer that have that code on them ... delete the screen shot!

On your Android phone:

7. Download a QR code scanner app.
8. Download google authentication app (Android ... go to play store and search "Google Authenticator".
9. Open the app and scan the code presented on BTC-e

10. Enter the code from your phone and click "Confirm"

11.  Now you want to select to use 2 factor authenticator for login, withdrawal, and change security settings.

12.  Login to BTC-e with your normal password.  You'll be prompted for a code which you get from the Google Authenticator app on your phone.  It updates every few seconds just like an RSA device.


  1. Hi there...

    I was unfortunate enough to have my phone stolen and have no backup of the keys or QR code.

    Is there any way to eliminate the google 2-factor authenthification in the same way you can do that at

    Kind regards,

  2. For, please consult this FAQ:

    They provide a link to remove 2 factor authentication, but it will disable your account for 2 weeks

  3. how do I do it step by step on coins-e since I want to buy another type of coin. Help please. Do I get it on my phone and then type it in somewhere? I don't understand the picture coding - sorry but I am new at this.